Veteran: William Wesley McColeman

Artifact: Panoramic postcard of London.

Veteran: Henry Ralph

Artifact: A letter sent from a prisoner of war camp in the Netherlands.

Veteran: William Charles Ralph

Artifact: Embroidered postcard with the words "A Kiss From France."

Veteran: W.L. Cullander

Artifact: Postcard of German soldiers.The writing on the back reads:

Dear Dutchie:

What do you think of these German soldiers? Not much eh? I found this picture in this billet yesterday.

Heaps of love and kisses.

Veteran: Russell Shaw

Artifact: A soldier writes to his mother and family about life on the front.

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Veteran: John Henry Anderson

Artifact: Condolence letter sent to Cpl. Anderson's family.

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Veteran: Jay Moyer

Artifact: Three pages of a letter sent by Mr. Moyer from Vimy Ridge. Parts of the letter were cut out by censors.

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Veteran: Lawrence Browning Rogers

Artifact: A letter sent by his son never reached Mr. Rogers and was returned to the family after his death.

Veteran: Walter Pete Flett

Artifact: Mr. Flett sent the letter after the Freiburg air raid on April 14, 1917.

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Veteran: Ernie Howe

Artifact: Postcard which reads "What's a home without a daddy?"

Veteran: Ralph St. Clair Hayes

Artifact: Letter to the people of Mons, Belgium.

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Veteran: William McIntyre

Artifact: A letter about why war was necessary.

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