Category: Wartime Memorabilia

Veteran: Theodore Meligan

Artifact: An invitation to visit Windsor Castle on Tuesday, June 5, 1917. Theodore Melligan fought at Vimy Ridge..

Veteran: Bryce Muir

Artifacts: Gas training manual.

Veteran: Unknown

Artifact: An invitation to discuss peace terms.

Veteran: Unknown

Artifact: A letter opener made from metal remains.

Veteran: John Henry Anderson

Artifact: A King's scroll commemorating the death of Cpl. Anderson. The scroll reads:

He whom this scroll commemorates was numbered among those who, at the call of King and Country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger; and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom. Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten.

Cpl. John Henry Anderson
Canadian Infantry Bn.

Veteran: Elmer Sagery

Artifact: Canadian soldiers' song book

Veteran: Unknown

Artifact: Handkerchief embroidered with the words "To My dear mother."

Veteran: Andrew Lawrence Lowe

Artifact: Hat badge of the Canadian Cyclist Corp

Veteran: William McLeish

Artifact: Theatre program from a Prisoner of War camp.

Veteran: William McLeish

Artifact: A pay book and a page showing cash payments.

Veteran: Hector Fraser Dougal

Artifact: Flag from the PoW camp of Holzminden.

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