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Veteran: Frederick Cameron

Photo: Mobilization camp in Vernon, B.C.

Veteran: Sylvester Reid

Photo: 3 Photographs of funeral.

Veteran: W.L. Cullander

Photo: A postwar photograph of surviving members of the 18th Battalion. The photograph was taken in Germany in 1919.

Veteran: N/A

Photo: Trafalgar Square showing the Victory March.

Veteran: N/A

Photo: The interior of a destroyed cathedral

Veteran: Samuel Rowland Williams

Photo: A photo depicting life in the trenches.

Veteran: Samuel Rowland Williams

Photo: Aerial shot of the Ypres Salient battlefield.

Veteran: A. Russell Fachnie

Photo: Photographs of an ambulance and a biplane with propeller in the rear and gunner in front section.

Veteran: N/A

Photo: Motorcycle dispatch riders

Veteran: John Henry Anderson

Photo: A photograph taken on Jan. 14, 1917, that has Cpl. Anderson seated second from right in the middle row.

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