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Veteran: Edwin Pye

Artifact: A wartime scrapbook, which contains newsletters and photographs from both the front lines and the home front. Mr. Pye was born in 1893 in Westerham, Kent. He immigrated to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1911 and became a Canadian citizen. He joined the 5th Battalion Western Cavalry and saw several years service in France before being wounded and discharged.

Veteran: Gordon Hendery

Artifact: A scrapbook of memorabilia from Mr. Hendery's time in the service. One page has pressed maple leaves, photographs of his mother and father, and a note that says:

Gordon Hendery.
With our love and best wishes
M.C.H. and J.S.H.
Christmas 195
13 St. Mark, Montreal

Veteran: Lawrence Browning Rogers

Artifact: A teddy bear given by his daughter was found on the body of Mr. Rogers after he was killed at Passchendaele.

Veteran: Clara White

Artifact: Diary of nurse Clara White traces her voyage from Toronto to England, France and finally Salonika, Greece. The diary mentions treating patients in France for measles, meningitis, and paratyphoid.

Veteran: James Arthur Jones

Artifacts: Two diary entries from Private Jones and his wife, Mrs. Fanny Jane Jones. His June 2, 1917, entry reads:
In supports due to go over the top on Sunday morning. This may be my last entry. If among those who fall I die firm in the belief of a crucified Christ. I want my wife to know that my only regret was on her account and die blessing her with my last breath. May God protect her.

Her June 29, 1917, entry reads:
The day my darling died. Gone but not forgotten

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